Read Theory

As a school, we want to kick start children’s learning straight away and continue to promote and support their reading; as this is still one of the main priorities for school. Therefore, children will still be sent home with 2 reading books. Both books will be levelled to suit your child’s reading ability. Once children bring their reading books back to school, the appropriate protocol will be followed and books will be quarantined for at least 72hours before they are used again. Books will be sent home on a Year Group specific day and likewise returned on a given day e.g. they may be sent home on a Monday and returned on a Friday.  Alongside this, children in Year 2- Y6 will also have access to an exciting online reading resource called ‘Read Theory.’

Read Theory is a powerful educational tool that offers online reading activities for all ability levels. It is an intelligent system that adapts to individual ability levels and presents the children with appropriate skill building exercises that suit their own, personal needs.


Your child will be given their own personal username and password to log in with and will be able to access reading documents; followed up by multiple choice reading comprehension questions. Teachers at school will be able to track children’s progress, monitor the number of times that children are reading at home and tailor teaching to their individual needs. They can earn points and achievement badges within Read Theory  and will be rewarded frequent reading  through our school’s reading reward system that is carried out in class. We encourage children to read at least 3 times per week in order for them to receive their reward.

Attached to the letter is a step by step guide for children and parents to follow in order to support home reading through ‘Read Theory.’

Read Theory parent & pupils step by step guide.