Barnsley Young Champions!

WOW! What an experience it has been for our winners of the SMAT Louder than Life competition.

First of all they won the school competition before going through to the SMAT finals at Priory Campus. They were delighted to win that after giving a very confident presentation and were amazed to hear that their prize would be the installation of a purpose built music station in the playground! As a surprise gift, each member of the team also won tickets for them and a parent to attend a Barnsley football match!

As if that wasn’t enough, we discovered that an unknown someone had nominated them for the Barnsley Young Champion award in the Young Entrepreneur category.

On Friday 13th April, sat at table 13 and in category 13 the children and staff were a very excited group at the awards ceremony and were so pleased to win the inaugral Young Champion award!

What an adventure! It still continues as we wait for the music station to be installed.

A massive thank you to St Mary’s Academy Trust and Louder than Life for this wonderful opportunity.