Y6 Theme Day makes front page news!

Year 6 had a wonderful theme day to help support their understanding of life in the 1940s.

They took on the role of evacuees and who were sent from London to Darfield to escape the Blitz in WW2. The children arrived, nervously, at Darfield Church Hall where they were met by the Rector (Rev Hildred) and by a number of locals who had agreed to take on an evacuee. Some of the children were taken on by local farmers while others ended up looking after young children.They did find time to play some of the games of the time – marbles being a real favourite.

In the afternoon the children had the opportunity to look around the Maurice Dobson museum and to experience using some of the artefacts from the time.

We were surprised and delighted when we discovered that the theme day had made the front page of the Barnsley Chronicle.