Anti Bullying work recognised

We firmly believe that bullying has no place in society.

We recognise that bullying can take many forms, it is not always the traditional bully image we first think of. It can be cyber bullying on-line, continual ignoring, it can have racial or gender undertones and unfortunately our children will meet it at some point in their lives but whichever form it takes, it is always wrong. As such we teach our children how to behave if bullying is encountered – to tell someone and get the help to make it stop.

All Saints has a zero tolerance policy for bullying and this has helped create such a positive climate in school that we were recently judged as OUTSTANDING as part of a Behaviour and Safety audit. I was delighted therefore, when 7 of our staff were nominated by our pupils to achieve recognition in the Anti-Bullying Alliance Power of Good awards – their certificates were presented at the end of our school Anti – Bullying week. The achievement was recognised by Barnsley Chronicle.

This was all the more special when only 113 school employees achieved this certificate nationally!

This was also supported by our recent Parent Questionnaire which showed that 99% of parents agreed that ‘the school deals with any cases of bullying effectively.’