Stay and Play session in FS

As part of our open door policy to parents we invited them to ‘Stay and Play’ in Foundation Stage on 5th May.

‘I thought the Stay and Play idea was brilliant. It gave me a chance to see what the children do on a daily basis. I think more days like this would be a good idea.”

We were delighted to see so many parents and grand parents turn up and the children loved being able to show them how they spend their time in Foundation Stage.

”Loved it, it was really nice to see my daughter at Nursery with her friends and how she has joined in.”

I think the parents enjoyed it too – judging by how many of them got involved in the painting, playing with the water trays and enjoying the outside area activities.

”Very enjoyable morning, well run classroom, lots of things to keep children occupied, shows an insight to children’s education.”

The parents left some super comments about their thoughts of the experience. To read them, just click on the link below: comments