Viking it and Liking it!

Year 4 have had a fantastic Viking theme day.

With expert coaching from  T.A.A.R.G.E.T the children have been learning key Viking skills of archery and sword fighting (fencing). Alongside this, they have also enjoyed weaving wool and completing quizzes in the search for treasure.

The children loved the archery games and challenges.

They really enjoyed the weaving with ‘real wool from a sheep!’

There was a challenge to the fighting prowess of Olaf…

The afternoon saw the trainee Vikings hone their archery skills as they used their longship as target practice.

No Viking day would be complete without a raid….and this one turned into a pitched battle, complete with shield walls, archers and sword fighting. There were definitely some berserkers in the making!

Unfortunately Chief Bjorn died in the battle. To help him on his way to Valhalla he was laid on his Viking Ship and it was turned into a funeral pyre.

We are very grateful for the brilliant help from T.A.A.RGET Archery who led the activities so well. This day will live long in the memories of the children who took part and much credit has to go to the fantastic team who led the archery and fencing aspects. To find out more about TAARGET follow this link: