Free Meals

As you are aware from September 2014 all infants (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children) are entitled to receive a free school meal.

However, we still need parents to complete a form if they are in receipt of any benefits.

Schools receive funding called “Pupil Premium” which pays for valuable support for your children in school.

A large proportion of our funding is spent on additional staff and this is a very valuable asset.

Here are just a few examples of what this funding pays for and without it your child’s education will be affected negatively.

  • Learning Support Assistants (we are very fortunate as we have at least one in every class)
  • P.E. coaching/After school clubs
  • Music lessons
  • Swimming lessons (parents only pay towards the cost of the coach)
  • Greatly subsidised school trips

This funding is very important to our school as your children benefit from it immensley.

Please ensure you continue to claim for your children in Junior classes.

Even if your are not sure if you would qualify for free meals please fill in the form attached to this letter.

If you need any help filling it in please see Mrs Wilkinson or Miss Kent in the school office who will gladly help you.

Please try to return it back to school by this Thursday as we can send it through internal post otherwise, please return to the address stated on the form.

If you are in any arrears for your child’s dinners, please make sure it is paid off before we close this Friday.

Yours sincerely

Courtenay Walls