We have been very pleased with the feedback from our previous parent surveys and now have a new system to gather the views of parents and carers. You can give your views of our school at any time of the school year and at the time of a school inspection using an online questionnaire called Parent View. Read More >>


Parent Support Adviser

Our Parent Support Adviser is Mrs Wilkinson – if you have the need for information or advice on a range of topics such as:

– Attendance issues

– Your child’s behaviour at home

– Advice on housing, benefits, Free School Meals etc

Or,  you just want someone to talk to, then Mrs Wilkinson can help.

Follow the PSA twitter feed by clicking on the link below:

For more details of what her role will entail and how she can help, follow the link below:

FSW flyer

The smAll Saints Parent and Toddler Playgroup meet every Thursday morning from 9-10:30am through term time.

There are a wide range of stimulating activities for the children…and a chance for a cuppa and a chat for the adults! At only 50p per adult and 50p  per child it’s a bargain too! Come along, we’d love to meet you.

Mental Well-being for children

Dragonfly have produced this free booklet dealing with stress and anxiety levels in children. It also gives some tips and advice for parents on how to best support their children.

Click on the link below to access the booklet:

Anxiety Booklet


Thinking about which High School you should choose?

When children reach Year 5 the prospect of their secondary education becomes that much more of a reality.

The decision about which High school is the right one for your child should not be taken lightly.

Below are links to the local schools that our children tend to go to when they leave us. Please look through them all when deciding which will best fit your child’s needs.                                 Barnsley Academy                                             The Dearne ALC       Netherwood ALC


After school clubs

Our after school clubs run from Monday to Thursday and finish at 4:30. There is a  small cost for attendance.

Keep an eye out for future after school clubs….we would love to see you there.


Covid 19 

Government guidance to support home learning

Clicking on the links below will take you through to a DfE document which gives general advice and links to websites and organisations that can support at home.

For ages 2-4

For Primary aged children

For children with SEND

Support Area

We understand this is a very difficult and anxious time for us all. We are doing our best to support families from afar and we have gathered together some resources to hopefully support you all further at home.

To start us off, here are some top tips that will help you if you are feeling worried or anxious during this time:

1.  Maintain a routine everyday to stay focused. We are creatures of habit and routine gives us some sense of security – much needed in times of uncertainty.

2.  Talk about your worries. This might be through a worry book / worry time – set aside this time for children at the end of each day so they are able to voice their concerns and parents can give support and encourage them to “express and let go” of the worry.

3.  Mindfulness games / apps / techniques (Calm and Headspace are a few out there). Meditation is good too.

4.  Exercise together as a family or individually to release endorphins which enhance our mood.

5.  Stay busy – chores etc

6.  Do activities that are enjoyable – read, take up a new hobby e.g learn a new language, skill etc

7.  Connect with others online as this gives us a sense of social well-being and reduces the feeling of isolation.

8.  Get enough sleep – there are sleep apps out there plus YouTube.  Michael Sealey on YouTube does sleep hypnosis amongst other things like mindfulness etc on there and is free.

9.  Remind yourself it is temporary and things will resume back to normal eventually and do not beat yourself up if youhave a bad day – we all have those!

Are you feeling anxious or worried?

Here are some websites that focus on supporting your wellbeing whilst at home:

Is your child feeling anxious or worried?

Strategies that can be done at home to ease anxiety or promote wellbeing

Activities for you and the family to promote health and wellbeing

Having time and space for play, fun and creativity is a great way to boost mental health and wellbeing. So, here are some website links that include lots of activities to promote play and creativity.

Understanding the importance of Play

The Importance of Play

Children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

This is a difficult time for all children and for those with SEND  it can be even more challenging and they may be finding the adjustment to a new routine as well as accessing the work set more difficult than others. If your child is struggling with their learning then please let us know. If your query is related to your child’s additional needs then please email our SENDco directly on Below we have gathered together additional advice and resources for those parents supporting children with SEND.



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