Year 6

Class 6: The Outstanding Emojis


Welcome to the year 6 page.

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Our Topics covered this year will be:

A Taste of Britain

  • Using maps to locate the different regions within Britain
  • Discussing and sharing your view on what Britain was like for you in the past

Enterprise Project

  • Using skills to plan and make Autumn themed crafts
  • Encouraging children to think of creative business ideas

A Piece of History – The Roman Empire

  • Reading and discussing modern history using the website link provided
  • Researching key historical figures that have influenced the past

The War Room – Words War II

  • Reading and discussing modern history using the website link provided
  • Prompting children to ask questions about the past

Video Star

  • Reflecting on your child’s time at school
  • Discussing the things they would like to look back on


In Literacy the genres we will be covering are:

  • Modern stories / stories with modern settings
  • Short stories with flashbacks
  • Author studies – Rosemary Sutcliffe, Kate DiCamillo
  • Classical texts
  • Descriptive writing
  • Classical Poetry
  • Persuasive – speeches, advertisements and formal letters
  • Recounts – Biography and autobiography, news reports (radio/television) and contrasting diaries
  • Journalistic writing
  • Balanced arguments – speeches and newspaper/magazine articles
  • Information texts/report – Consumer product reports/product reviews

You can help your child by:

  • Encourage your child to read and discuss reading at home (minimum 3 times per week)
  • Support completion of Grammar and Punctuation Homework
  • Encourage and support your child to learn their weekly spelling rule


In Maths we will be covering the objectives for year  6:

These can be found at

You can help your child by:

  • Encourage your child to practise times tables and number facts at home.
  • Support the completion of Mathematics Homework
  • We have purchased a subscription to Times Tables Rockstars – please use it at home to support the learning of multiplication facts.
  • Another Times Table game can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Homework is set on:

  • Friday and to be returned the following Wednesday
  • Spellings are given on Monday and are to be practised throughout the week
  • Homework can be emailed to Miss Neal at


Other important information:

  • PE kits will be required on Monday – Children come to school wearing it.
  • Y6 Residential – 24th to 26th October


If you would like to discuss any of these aspects further feel free to make an appointment.

Thank You,

Miss Neal       Mrs Buffon      Mrs Griffiths



This half term’s homework can be found by following the link below:

Year 6 Autumn 2 Homework

Year 6 Autumn 1 Homework

Lot’s of creative homework is happening and we want to provide you with an easy way to share it. Have you just finished making a model? Is your homework a creative project like a science experiment? Any homework that is not in homework books can now be evidenced with a few snaps and emailed to your class teacher! Be as creative as possible and evidence your homework the easy way.

Year 6 Homework Email:


Our Spellings

Every half term your child will be expected to learn around 15 common exception words.

Find these in the links below:

Spring 2 Y6 Common Exception Words

Weekly spellings for Spring 2

Spring 1 Y6 Common Exception Words

Weekly spellings for Spring 1

Autumn 2 Y6 Common Exception Words

Weekly spellings for Autumn 2

Autumn 1 Y6 Common Exception Words

Weekly spellings for Autumn 1


Leavers 2018

Spring 1

05.02.18 Creative Homework

Some of our class members have had  a very creative flare, and have constructed very different but equally amazing models of Andersen shelters, for their homework projects.

30.1.18 The Blitz

We have begun our new topic – World War 2 – by answering the questions who, what, when, where and why. We used our research sills to explore what the Blitz was and how big cities including London and Sheffield were affected. We are developing our understanding of why children were evacuated in preparation of our theme day. Watch out for more news about Class 6s evacuation!

24.1.18 Thrive session doing shared artwork

We started an art activity this afternoon, but after 5 minutes we found ourselves changing places and adding to our friends work! A few rotations later we were back where we started and could see what our friends had done. The final results were very interesting. An activity that started out frustrating, turned out to be great fun – we discovered many things about our classmates and learned many skills for working with each other.

19.1.18 Y6 does Young Voices

Some of our year 6s became 4-year veterans of the Young Voices Concerts – they had just as much fun this year as they did as Year 3s. The year 6 Young Voices motto is never stop jumping!

9.1.18 Jelly Bear Genetics

Using jelly bears, we explored how we inherit different genes from our parents and ancestors. We thought about how some genes are dominant and recessive, and learned that some of physical traits can be inherited from great-grandparents! We also had great fun making new jelly bear generations with some rather complex fraction calculations.


22.12.17 Christmas

We have had some lovely activities, busy times and lucky moments during our weeks leading up to Christmas.

Stockings! We were extremely excited to open our stockings.

For Carols around the Tree we sang an All Saints favourite Song of the Winter Wind and wowed everyone with our performance  of The Lord’s prayer song.

Tremendous fun and laughter was had on our party day.

Our Handbell lunch club members performed at the school Christmas service, Carols around the Tree and the local community carol service.

At the Christmas service, we helped narrate the Nativity whilst foundation class performed each role.

21.12.17 What is refraction?

With our partner we explored different ways of refracting light through using prisms, mirrors, water and concaved mirrors. We made our own accurate conclusions. Take a look at the fun we had.

8.12.17 York Minster and the Roman Walls

After our very successful enterprise project, Year 6 embarked on an adventure to York. We had an amazing morning at the Minster where we had a rather interesting classroom session about stained-glass windows followed by our own personal tour of the Minster itself. We were fascinated by the many surprising new facts we learned and the sheer size of the cathedral.

We spent the afternoon exploring the old Roman walls of the city, even with a little role play at defending the walls. ‘Man the walls!’ What an amazing day we had!

In the Classroom

At the Minster

Exploring the Walls

24.11.17 Exploring Light

Today we started our new science topic – Light and how we see things. We designed our own models for demonstrating the direction that light travels in.

14.11.17 Crucial Crew

We went for our visit to the set of Crucial Crew to learn from different scenarios: fire in the home, safety using social media, travelling safely on public busses and peer pressure situations such as when in  the park. We also had an introduction to the  consequences people can face for their actions through learning about what happens in a courtroom.

Autumn 1

21.9.17 Hadrian’s Wall

What does a stone wall have to do with the Romans? We researched the answer to this very question to start our new topic. Lots of enquiry happened in the classroom through listening to Centurion diaries, using theme books, specific websites and watching video clips. Our learning helped us to write our own information pages and non-chronological reports about Hadrian’s wall.

29.9.17 Roald Dahl Day

We had fabulous fun in our costumes and spent the afternoon building up our general knowledge about Roald so we could hopefully win the quiz.

2.10.17 Prevent lesson

Don’t Be a Sheep? We thought about what this might mean, discussed our ideas and decided it was important to think about things ourselves and make our own decisions. We designed posters to remind us about the one thing we found hard to do – to encourage ourselves to concentrate on it.

10/10/17 to 13/10/17 Enterprise Bake Sale

Year 6 have had a busy week selling their home made buns and cakes. Tremendous fun was had setting up the stalls and getting ready each day. It was such a popular event that we raised an amazing £212.

Thank you to everyone who baked, contributed goodies and came and bought our buns.

13.10.17 Autumn Coffee ‘n’ Cake Craft Morning

We had a lovely morning making crafts of an Autumn theme – glass candle holders, pompoms, autumn tree cards, dried flower display and bookmarks. What made the event even more special is some of our parents came in and enjoyed making things along with us. They had the coffees and cake of course – which was very yummy. We were rewarded with our own bun treats at the end of the afternoon. Thank you to everyone who contributed and to those who came along. we all had a lovely morning and we hope to do it again in the future.

16.10.17 Roman Theme Day

I’m a Roman, get me out of here!

The Mighty Minions took on a change of appearance today and came to school dressed in Roman attire, ready to learn more about them. The children were faced with a series of trials over the day – Gladiator style – in order that they could  escape unscathed at home time.

Each centurion, citizen, gladiator and senate faced their trials with determination, resilience and bravery! They all smashed the 1000 point target – phew – so merrily time-travelled back to present times.

23/10/17 to 27/10/17 Condover Hall Residential

The children had an amazing week in Shropshire trying many new activities and gaining new experiences. They were fantastic representatives of the school with tip-top behaviour and manners all week. Here are some picture collages of a few of our adventures.

Leavers 2017

13/6/17 The Doll Drama

A few of the children were inspired by the Alma animation to write a play script. Here they are performing of for the rest of the class. Can you spot who is playing the part of the dolls? Superb acting skills.

13/6/17 Maths – The crime solving way!

A hungry dog stole all the burgers for the BBQ – using their mathematical skills, year 6 needed to eliminate the suspects one-by-one to find the culprit.

24/5/17 Den Building

We love a spot of den building. Look how busy we’ve been exploring the woodland around our field.

12/5/17 Celebrating the end of SATs week 

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week, giving their SATs everything they have got – everyone is extremely proud of them all.

8/5/17 Revision Runaround

Keeping active whilst being a human grammar glossary.

Am I a…verb…adverb…preposition…noun…pronoun…adjective?


27.3.17 Mother’s Day

Many personal touches and heart-felt messages were added to our cards this year – there may have been a few tears and hugs on Sunday.

24.3.17 Mother’s Day Service

Class 6 read personal messages to the Mum’s expressing their love and gratitude.

A flower was given to every mum, nan, aunt and special lady who attended the service.

20.3.17 Practical maths

We have been learning about scale factor in maths.

16.3.17 Light Models

Making models to demonstrate the direction in which light travels. Here we are with our models, demonstrating how they work.

14.3.17 As one science topic closes, another begins! 

Task One: Sort the images! How we asked? Here are pictures showing how we organised our ideas.

This is how we made the self-discovery that our new topic was to be – Light!

13.3.17 Front page news!

The Chronicle was so impressed with the community spirit behind our theme day, along with all the learning about the 1940’s and evacuation, that they made it their front page news. What an acknowledgement!

13.3.17 The Great Exhibit

Here are each of the robots with their group of human friends.

Everyone say hello with Child-bot.

Showing our designs and sharing our science/technology project with children from other classes. We all got to see each others and they were all very impressive.

During our science fair (The Great Exhibit), we told our parents about the purpose of our robot designs. They were really impressed and it was nice to be given such positive feedback. Everyone’s robot was a success.

10.3.17 Rise of the Robots

In 4 groups, we have been busy for the past three afternoons making models of our designed robots. The Bots are on the increase with flashy eyes, buzzing mouths, twisting ears and spinning arms. Putting our science and technology skills to good use, we are ready to share our work at the Great Exhibition.

Here we are putting the finishing touches to our models.

8.3.17 Pop art explosion

Our final pieces of art work, which were inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art techniques, are complete and on display in our room. We used a range of influences to theme our images on including modern ones such as social media forums, YouTube and computer consoles.

2.3.17 Evacuate!

To learn first hand the experiences of children from the 1940s, the Dazzling Diamonds were evacuated – but only for the day! Arriving at school in their themed clothing, the children prepared to be evacuated alongside their teacher and two volunteer land girls, who were escorting the children from the city of London to their new home in the village of Darfield.

Upon arrival at the village hall the local reverend welcomed us all. We were given soup to warm us up after our long journey by ‘train’ before being allocated to our new foster families.

A HUGE thank you to members of the All Saints Church community who were involved in role playing all these parts and making the morning memorable.

Playing 1940s games including marbles, jacks and a donkey race board game.

After a change of venue, the afternoon was spent at the Maurice Dobson museum, which included an early lunch consisting of sandwiches typical of the 1940s and treats such as biscuits and apples.

What would you expect to find in a 1940’s home? The style and size of radios and televisions were a surprise! Listening to a gramophone record was another treat. Also experiencing the two-person hoover and a carpet sweeper were popular devices to try out. Elsie was the perfect house host giving lots of advice about how to use the items and explain what some of the most unusual were.

Discovering the gas masks used by babies, toddlers, children and soldiers.

Touching shrapnel and a hand-grenade (deactivated) to understand the power and devastation these items were capable of causing. Trying on the unbelievably heavy WVS helmets.

Exploring more about toys and discovering how they were often homemade by children and dads. Geoff was on hand to give lots of advice.

One of our land girls was given special permission to have a break from her afternoon’s farm work, to help the children make peg dollies.

Our afternoon culminated with sampling fresh bread and mackerel paste – a lovely 1940’s lunch – along with a special treat that we had been promised all afternoon – which turned out to be a carrot!

To finish, we had a game of ‘Guess the unusual historical item’ before returning back to school, via steam train.

(Some children did the sound effects and the actions the whole way back).

A big shout out to Geoff and Elsie who taught us about so many things during our afternoon at the museum. Here they are with two of our groups.

1.3.17  Circuit Training for the Great Exhibition

Class 6 are keeping busy learning how to make parallel and series circuits in preparation of creating and designing their own robot ready for the Great Exhibition. More news to follow about this.

28.1.17 Maths Reasoning

In our maths lessons, we have been learning lots of skills with measures (and decimals). Today we were using our knowledge of volume to explore problems and reason our answers.

Image result for thinking emoji Quiz: What is the volume of the cube when a side is measured as 6cm? Image result for thinking emoji


17.2.17 Preparing for our KS2 SATs

We have had a busy week practising for our SATs papers; it has been hard work but we were super impressed with our efforts.

15.2.17 Model pupils

Star has been busy turning a card board box into a shelter complete with bunk beds.

14.2.17 Homework

Ruby and Aiden have been busy at home making models of Andersen shelters. Aiden used his own lego to construct the shape of a shelter and Ruby was busy with paint and tissue paper. Take a look on the insides too!

9.2.17 Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the artist, Andy Warhol, with Mrs Bamforth. We have studied his style of work and how he is well known for creating symmetry through repeated images with different colours. Exploring a range of art mediums, we decided on our own individual preference to use for our final edit. Take a look at how we’ve been getting on.

3.2.17 The Blitz

We have explored what this event involved and how it affected the people of Britain. Using different sources we working on building up our research techniques by seeking answers to specific questions.

30.1.17 The War Room

We have begun our new topic learning about the events of World War 2. Some of our homework options have begun to help us learn more about this period in time.

Corey took inspiration to made a fabulous model of an Anderson Shelter with both interior and exterior details.

18.1.17 Evolution

In our topic about animal antics we explored evolution through learning about the theories of Charles Darwin. We studied how crocodiles had adapted over the centuries and imagined  how they would continue to evolve in the future. Even popping on our David Attenborough hats to record a voice over.

13.1.17 Deci-mazing!

After a few days of learning in maths about converting decimals to fractions and vice versa, we had a fun session in the afternoon completing a loop card challenge. To make the complete loop we had to find the equivalents between the two, using our knowledge and divisions methods. It was a bit like dominoes – but with calculations!

9.1.17 Making our last appearance at Young Voices

Five of our class members, and of course Miss Neal, were part of this years 5000 strong children’s choir at Sheffield Arena. This occasion was even more special for us as it was our last performance with All Saints – four of us have done this event for 3 consecutive years now! Again, we had a blast – made all the better with our fantastic seats that gave us front view of the stage to watch the celebrity singers and dancers. Five thumbs up!

5.1.17 Jelly bear genetics

What makes me me – with the help of jelly bears! We used gummy bears to teach us how our genes are combined from our parents. The visual colours of the bears helped us to see how this happens. We used our knowledge to explore hair genes to discover how genes become dominant and recessive, meaning a trait of ours could be inherited from a grandparent or even a great grandparent!

IMG_7357 IMG_7355 IMG_7356




14.12.16  Year 5 and 6 Christmas Showcase

It has been a very busy time for the children in years 5 and 6 on the run up to Christmas. As part of the children’s joint enterprise project venture, the classes have worked together to design and create Christmas decorations, create (and perform) a musical production showcase, make and sell buns and act in a music video production. The final day of the project saw lots of parents attending the showcase to support their children along with a rush to purchase the music video the children created. Thank-you to all the parents and adults who were involved and supported their children. Pictures of the magical event are posted below.

Performing our yoga dances and songs including When Children rule the World and I’m a Little Christmas Cracker

Special performance and our music video premiere!

Happy helpers, selling our crafts – and a little glimpse of our audience.

15.11.16 Brain Doctors

For our new topic the ‘Complete Athlete’, we are learning about the brain and its functions. We explored and dissected a ‘brain’ to explore its different parts.

11.11.16 Crucial Crew

We participated in a day of activities around personal safety. Our activity sessions covered issues such as arson, hoax calls, road safety, fire safety, travel safety, Internet safety, and antisocial behaviour.

31.10.16-4.11.16  Condover Hall

Some of the Dazzling Diamonds have been dazzling at Condover Hall this week. We have had a wonderful time doing a range of exciting activities at this wonderful centre.

Follow this link to see some of the activities we got up to:


Condover Hall