Year 5

 Welcome to Year 5 2019/2020



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Update for Spring Term 1

PE will be returning back to our original afternoon which is Tuesday pm.


We will be studying different types of writing throughout the year covering a range of narrative and non-fiction genres.


Our maths lessons are taught in unit blocks. This is our overview: Year 5 Maths Scheme of Work


For the Autumn Term, our studies are:

Autumn 1: Space – The Final Frontier (Science and Design Technology)

Autumn 2: May the forces be with you! (Science and Art)

In this link you will find our focused objectives for each of our themed studies: Year 5 Autumn Term Themes

Autumn Term 1 – Space: The Final Frontier  Space Knowledge Organiser

Autumn Term 2 – May the forces be with you! Forces Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term 1 – The Circle of Life Circle of Life Knowledge Organiser (Science and DT)


This half term’s theme will be Space so all our homework projects link to this. The homework sheet is stuck in in homework books. Please date off each one when you have done it. Homework books will be given out on a Wednesday, so must be handed in each Wednesday at the latest and put into the clear box.

Year 5 Autumn 1 Homework

Year 5 Autumn 2 Homework

Year 5 Spring 1 Homework


This half term we are learning homophones – words which sound the same but are spelled differently. Understanding the meaning of each word is important to help you identify the correct spelling. We will learn different homophones each week.


Autumn 2 Spellings Year 5

Spring 1 Spellings Year 5

 *ARCHIVE* 2018/2019

                                                       The Learning Leopards

Year 5  ( 18.19 )

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Year 5 key information:

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Homework Email:

Lot’s of creative homework is happening and we want to provide you with an easy way to share it. Have you just finished making a model? Is your homework a creative project like a science experiment? Any homework that is not in homework books can now be evidenced with a few snaps and emailed to your class teacher! Be as creative as possible and evidence your homework the easy way.

Year 5 Homework Email:

Autumn  Homework:


Y5 Autumn term 2 updated

Spring  Homework

Y5 Spring term 1

Y5 Spring term 2

Summer  Homework

Y5 Homework Summer 1

Y5 Homework Summer 2

Reading Challenge Homework

Reading Journal activities (for Spring 1)

Reading Journal Spring 2

Reading Journal activities Summer 1

Reading Journal Activities Summer 2 Year 5

Autumn  Spelling Rules and Common Exception Words:

Below are links to your child’s half termly spelling rule and the common exception words they will be tested on this half term.





Autumn 1  Spelling Rule – Weekly Spelling List

Autumn 1 Spellings Year 5

Autumn 2 Spellings Year 5

Spring Spelling Rules and Common Exception Words:

Year 5 Common Exception Words spring 1

Year 5 Common Exception Words Spring 2

Spring 2 Spellings Year 5 (All spellings for the half term)

Summer Spelling Rules and Common Exception Words:

Summer 1 Spellings Year 5

Summer 2 Spellings Year 5

Our topics covered this year will be:

Y5 Topics and useful websites

The elements we will be covering are:


Year 5 National Curriculum Objectives

You can help your child by:

  • Helping your child to explore the websites listed above
  • Asking your child questions about the topics covered
  • Supporting the completion of creative homework

In Literacy the genres we will be covering are:

  • Descriptive writing: real/non-fiction animals and places
  • Eye-witness reports
  • Film playscripts and narrative adaptation
  • Scientific reports
  • Author study
  • Internet pages
  • Blogs
  • Speeches
  • Persuasive radio adverts
  • Poetic style
  • Instructions
  • Narrative poems
  • Mystery stories
  • Persuasive leaflets
  • Myths and legends
  • Book/film reviews
  • Science-fiction
  • Limericks

You can help your child by:

– Encouraging your child to read at home by reading with them and signing their reading record

– Encouraging your child to practice their spellings

– Encouraging your child to bring their reading record into school daily for 1:1 and independent reading time

In Maths we will be covering the objectives for year  5

These can be found at

You can help your child by:

– Practicing the times tables that the children are currently learning
– Applying skills taught in school and allowing children to share methods of calculations
  • We have purchased a subscription to Times Tables Rockstars – please use it at home to support the learning of multiplication facts.
  • Another Times Table game can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Homework is set on:

Friday afternoons, and is due back in no later than Wednesday morning. If your child does not understand the homework set, please encourage them to ask Mr Butterwood  to explain it to them again.

Other important information:

We practice a different spelling rule each  half term, and the children are given a list of spellings to practice at home. A re-test is done 2 weeks after the spelling rule is introduced. Some of the spellings on the re-test will be from the original list given to the children, whilst some will be new words that follow the spelling rule. Therefore it is important that the children understand the spelling rule so that they can apply it to new words. You can help your child by talking to them about the spelling rule and asking them to spell words which follow the rule that aren’t on the list given to your child.

Could you please make sure that your child’s name is on each piece of uniform and PE kit, including their tie. This is so that we can easily identify any lost uniform.

To ensure uniform remains clean, we are advising all children to bring in an old shirt to wear over their uniform when painting and carrying out creative work in lessons.

If you would like to discuss any of these aspects further feel free to make an appointment.


Mr Butterwood

A.S.A Diversity Week  – Disability 


Our first class topic focused on learning about Disability. We wanted to learn more about how people live, learn and work their day-to-day life. We created questions for a carer (who works with young adults with varied learning difficulties) and her clients. We were lucky enough to meet these people and gain some extraordinary insight into their lives. The topic really made us reflect on people’s varied needs but best of all we made new friends and had great fun! Some of the pictures are posted below but be sure to check out our class Twitter page (Link at the top of this page) to see more examples of our work and our class display!