Year 1

The Busy Bees



 Welcome to the Busy Bees website! On here we will share what we have been up to in class, along with what you have been doing at home.

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What will we be learning about?

Literacy Genres.


  • Labels and captions
  • Recounts
  • Instructions
  • Rhyming words
  • Stories from other cultures
  • Character descriptions
  • Information texts
  • Kennings
  • Fairy tales
  • Stories from the same author


The objectives for the teaching of maths can be found at:



Our topics covered this year will be:

  • The Great Fire Of London
  • The Complete Athlete
  • Land Ahoy!
  • Animal antics
  • E-safety
  • Bee Bot adventure
  • The Great exhibition
  • Enterprise project
  • Nature week
  • Wolf proof
  • Fantasia
  • 80 days around the world.

Autumn Topic overview

The elements we will be covering are:


To help your child with Phonics and to find lots of helpful resources, please click on the following link:

Helping your child with phonics

We use the Read, Write Inc scheme to support our children with the development of Phonics.

Key information…


Homework Email:

Lot’s of creative homework is happening and we want to provide you with an easy way to share it. Have you just finished making a model? Is your homework a creative project like a science experiment? Any homework that is not in homework books can now be evidenced with a few snaps and emailed to your class teacher! Be as creative as possible and evidence your homework the easy way.

Year 1 Homework Email:

 Homework is set on:

Each half term children are given a homework sheet; related to their current topic. Each week your child may choose 1 of the activities to complete. Once the activity is complete, your child can cross it off on their sheet. It is expected that children bring in their homework work each Thursday; ready for marking. Currently there is a small incentive within the Busy Bees class; in that if your child completes a piece of homework and brings it in on Thursday, then your child will receive a buzzy bee point which goes towards a treat for the winning team.

Autumn 1 Homework:

A 1 Homework

A2 Homework

Spring 1 Homework

Spring 2 Homework

Summer 1 Homework

Summer 2 Homework


CEW Autumn 2

CEW Spring 1

CEW Summer 1

CEW Summer 2


Each week, children’s home reading books are also changed; if children have brought their previous book back to school. It is expected that children read at home at least 3x a week. This could be their home school reading book or anything else that they may wish to read. We ask parents to evidence their child’s reading by providing 3 different dates in their reading record to show when their child has read. If your child reads 3x in a week, then they will receive a sticker on their reading book mark (which stays at school). When children have completed their bookmark they will receive a prize from school.

Other important information:


PE days for The Learning Ladybirds are as follows:

– Thursday Morning.

– Friday Morning.

Please ensure your child has full PE kit on both of these days.

Due to Health and Safety, please make sure that no ear rings or jewellery are worn for PE. 

Medical Information

Please let the school office and the class teacher know if your child has any condition requiring medication, including allergies or asthma. An additional form will have to be completed if medication is to be administered during the school day. This can be collected from the school office.

If you would like to discuss any of these aspects further feel free to make an appointment.

Mrs Parish and Mrs Halawin


What we have been doing in class

Summer 1

Its nature week! We have been labelling plants and explaining their functions.

Spring 2

We have continued our pirate topic this half term.

We had to design an outfit for Pirate Pete to wear on his voyage around the world. we researched different styles of clothing and tested materials to find ones that were most suitable.

We had some brilliant pirate homework!

For our enterprise project we became ASA rocks! we designed rocks and hid them around Darfield for people to find! We made a staggering £137!

Spring 1

Our new topic is all about pirates!

We had a wonderful theme day! We dressed up as pirates, made shelters for a desert island and made pirate maps!

Today we enjoyed our role play area.

We also made our own pirate boats and tested them to see if they would float or sink.

Our topic this half term is Animal Antics. We are finding out about mini beasts and their habitats. We went on a mini beast hunt then made our own in the classroom.

In maths this half term we are looking at fractions. We are finding halves and quarters of shapes, objects and amounts.

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term has been The Complete Athlete. We have been keeping our bodies healthy. Here wwe are brushing our teeth.

Keep practicing your 2s, 5s and 10s!

We have been writing about the Lighthouse Keeper. We ordered the events using time conjunctions.


Autumn 1


Today we were practicing our numberbonds



We made houses in the style of those in London 1666. Some of them are on fire!



We had a special delivery today. Our package had Wine and Cheese inside…who is it from?


Some of our children have enjoyed building houses in the construction area. Can you build a new Pudding Lane?


We have started learning about our new topic, The Great Fire of London. We acted out what happened.


We went on a nature walk today. We looked at nature around us and thought about how it was created.



We have been making harvest festival faces using fruit and vegetables













Nature Week (24.01.17)

We had a very exciting start to the half term. Today the children went on a ‘nature walk’ around their local environment; looking for different types of plants and trees. Here’s what they found on their travels…

Enterprise project.

The children have worked extremely hard on their enterprise project. They decided to design and make buns and biscuits in order to sell them at a profit. Here they are hard at work….Mary Berry eat your heart out!


“Design a kid!”

Here are a few pictures of the children’s fantastic homework from our topic!

Science Exhibition.

What a brilliant day! An opportunity for children to discuss,explain and share their science projects with children from each group and parents.  The Learning Ladybird’s had a special job for Barnaby Bear. They had to design and make a piece of clothing for one of the 4 climates ; hot, cold, snowy, rainy, that he was travelling to. I am sure Barnaby Bear will love them all!

The Great Fire of London.

The children really enjoyed our topic about The Great Fire of London. They learnt about events from the past, Samuel Pepys and what has happened since the Great Fire. Children were fascinated by the events that took place and decided to take their learning home! Here are some examples of some fantastic creative homework made by the children in The Learning Ladybirds!

Animal Antics.

The Learning Ladybirds have really enjoyed our ‘Animal Antics’ topic. They have had the opportunity to find their own Minibeasts in the wild; before choosing their favourite and creating a fact file about it.

The children then moved onto learning about  larger animals and looked at the different ways that animals could be grouped. On Tuesday 10th January, we had a very special visitor come into class.

Can you name the animal and the group it belongs to?


Land Ahoy Homework.

Children in The Learning Ladybirds are really enjoying completing their creative pieces of homework related to ‘Land Ahoy!’ Here are a few pictures of the models that the children have created!

Land Ahoy! (WC: 07.11.2016)

The children are really enjoying their current topic of ‘Land Ahoy!’ So far the children have planned their own pirate journeys; labeling continents and oceans along the way. Here are some of the treasure maps that the children have also created. They include human and physical features!”

Roald Dahl : 23rd September 2016

The children loved our Roald Dahl day and dressing up as characters from his books. They did lots of activities throughout the day to support reading, had a scrumdiddlyumptious dinner and loved welcoming their parents into class at the end of the day.