Foundation Stage Nursery

 Welcome to The Little Ducklings Class!

Thank you for spending some time looking at our website. As an EYFS team in Nursery our job is to make sure your child has the best start in school possible, loving their learning and building new friendships.

We will be using our indoor and outdoor continuous provision to learn through our play along with daily phonics and maths input sessions.

You are more than welcome to come into the unit with your child and spend the first 15 minutes of their session with them, during which time staff will be available to answer any questions or queries.

My email address is if you have anything which you would prefer to discuss this way.

Thank you!

Miss Gulliver and Miss Hetherington

We are learning when we are playing.

The dough helps us develop strong muscles in our fingers and wrists and will help us to be able to control our pencils when we start to write.


We are also learning to share take turns and most of all to have fun with our friends.



Look at this wonderful picture I am starting to be able to control my pencil to draw circles and lines.






In the role play and small world we are learning about the world around us and making sense of what we see and experience.


Please scroll down below key information and useful resources for you to use at home.

About Foundation Stage.

Children start their time in FS1 with the support and guidance of all members of staff, who are aware that starting nursery is a very important stage in any child’s (and parent’s) life!

FS1 marks the first steps of a child’s journey here with us at All Saints and we want to make it as inspiring as possible, recognising that the foundations for their time at our school are laid here.

Children are given plenty of opportunity to learn through play, both inside and outside. Inside, the resources are arranged into areas of learning and are available for children to access independently. Among others, these include a maths area where children can do puzzles, look at mathematical books and weigh and measure objects and a mark-making / writing area where children can develop their fine motor skills and a love of writing through drawing, colouring, tracing over letters and writing invitations etc.

Nursery children also have plenty of opportunities to learn outside and develop their physical ability, through riding bikes, balancing on crates and digging in the sand/gravel.

Children take part in daily phonics and Maths sessions in preparation for full-time school. Learning is done through play based activities, often in very small groups to enhance confidence and understanding and for staff to understand every child’s individual needs and abilities. They are as much a part of the school as every other class and attend some appropriate whole school assemblies.

30 experiences to share with your child.

Why not try to complete as many of these ideas as you can with your child. Most are free, some have a small cost attached but all are fantastic learning experiences you can share with your child.

30 experiences to share with your child

Learning Book

To keep a journal of your child’s learning we use a tablet to take photos and videos and write up observations. These are taken daily and are a fantastic way to show spontaneous learning.

In FS1 we are currently using Learning Book and will providing login details shortly so you can view these observations at home and even add some of your own.

If you have any questions about Learning Book or would like to know more about accessing it from home just call in and speak to a member of the EYFS team or have a look at the link below for more information.

parent login Learning Book information


To help your child with Phonics and to find lots of helpful resources, please click on the following link:

Helping your child with Phonics

Please try and support your child with their Reading and Number work as regular help with these makes a massive difference to their learning. Reading every day to and with your child will benefit them immensely.


We will be updating our website throughout the year but for now, have a look at what we got up to in Nursery last year!


23rd September

The children loved our Roald Dahl day and dressing up as characters from his books.

Little Acorns Learning Photographs:


The children in Nursery love making things in construction.



The children in Nursery loved dressing up for Children In Need. Below are the children in their spotty outfits.




The children in Nursery were practising their mark making skills. Below are some photographs of what the children got up to:



The children in Nursery choose where their learning takes place. These children chose to learn outside, they remembered to put on their high-visibility jackets and had lots of fun! Below are some photographs of what the children got up to: